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  • Electrochlorination cells
  • Copper-Aluminium anodes
  • Copper-iron anodes
  • Automatic power feeding units
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  • It’s a well-known fact that every structure in contact with seawater is prone to be covered with seaweed, shellfish, barnacles and many other marine organisms. This phenomenon is called “fouling” and always lead to a serious degradation of the performances of the interested structures. Ship’s hulls, seachests, water intakes, heat exchangers and cooling systems are amongst the structures that suffer the most because of marine fouling, which may cause serious damages and loss in performances in terms of increased drag force, clogging of pipes, sprinklers, filters and pumps and increased corrosion rate.
    Tecnoseal Industry s.r.l. designs and supplies antifouling systems based both on impressed current copper-aluminium anodes and electrochlorination cell. Copper-Aluminum anodes systems are based on the well-known antifouling properties of copper, which can inhibit the growth of the biofilm leading to future biofouling with no toxicity for sealife (copper is active at extremely low concentration (2ppb) and is readily oxidised in inert state).
    Electrochlorination systems are electro-chemical devices able to produce sodium hypochlorite, a strong but non-toxic antifouling agent, directly from seawater without the need of other chemicals. Once completed its task, sodium hypochlorite naturally reverts into sodium chloride, which is nothing more than the salt found in seawater.

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