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Galvanic anodes are components made in highly active and electronegative metallic alloys used to prevent the corrosion of less active metals. They are used from the first half of the 19th century to protect ship’s hulls and many different structures including offshore platforms, marine structures, but also internal surfaces of storage tanks and process vessels and buried piping systems.

Tecnoseal Foundry is a world-leading producer of galvanic anodes for Cathodic Protection.
The foundry has a long experience in casting, is equipped with manual-operated and automatic ovens, an internal electrochemical laboratory, optical spectrometers and all the machinery equipment for the production of inserts and customized moulds.

That is why we can supply a wide range of high-quality galvanic anodes for different applications.

Product list:

  • Magnesium anodes for on-land cathodic protection;
  • High-temperature zinc anodes;
  • Special use anodes.

Product technical data sheets:

Magnesium anodes for on-land cathodic protection

Magnesium anodes for on-land cathodic protection

High-temperature zinc anodes

High-temperature zinc anodes

Product gallery:

galvanic-anodes-cassa canister

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