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Transformer/Rectifier units are the heart of any Impressed Current C.P. system. Their function is to draw AC power from the electrical distribution network, transform it into low voltage and rectify it as DC voltage to feed the anodes. T/R units for Cathodic Protection shall also allow a fine regulation of their output to obtain the correct polarization of the structures.

Regulation of output voltage can be obtained via multi-tap transformers, variable autotransformers (VARIAC) or phase-angle controlled thyristor bridges. In this latter case, the rectifier bridge is controlled by a proprietary electronic controller that allows to regulate both output voltage (Constant Voltage mode, CC), output current (Constant Current mode, CC) and Cathodic Potential. Switching-mode controllers are also available where high accuracy and stability are required.

T/R units are usually installed outdoor even in harsh and corrosive environment, and shall guarantee a long and maintenance-free operating life. For this reason, all of our T/R units are carefully manufactured in Italy with only the best Industrial-grade components. Enclosures are built on Customer specifications, transformers and windings are self-built and tested in our factory, electronic boards implements a proprietary control logic and are coated with a protective treatment to ensure a long operating life.

Our long experience and the partnership with long-time suppliers allow us to sell our Transformer/Rectifiers at a competitive price.

Product list:

  • Oil cooled transformer/rectifiers
  • Air-cooled transformer/rectifiers
  • Switching mode transformer/rectifiers

Product technical data sheets:

Oil cooled Transformer/Rectifiers

Oil cooled Transformer/Rectifiers

Switching mode transformer/Rectifiers

Switching mode transformer/Rectifiers

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